What is Tax Liability?

"Hi Docsity Q n A contributors, my question is ....The Theisman Company and its sole shareholder John Theisman each have a net capital gain of $100,000. John Theisman is in the maximum individual capital gain tax bracket (28 percent) and the Theisman Company is in the maximum corporate tax bracket (35 percent). What is the tax liability resulting from the capital gain?"
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"The total regarding place a burden on that an organization is actually lawfully responsible to repay with an authorization as the result of the appearance of the after tax celebration. Taxes liability might be calculated through the use of the appropriate duty pace to the taxed event's taxation base. Nonexempt activities admit, but aren't restricted to, 12-monthly earnings, the particular cut-rate sale of an plus, the financial year-end or perhaps the inheritance. "
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"The Theisman Company: 35%$100,000=$35,000 John Theisman: 28%$100,000=$28,000"
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