What is the Attitude-Toward-The-Ad Model?

Explain in detail the Attitude-Toward-The-Ad Model in the context of the Consumer Behavior?
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"The Attitude-toward-the-Ad Model lays emphasis on the impact of an advertisement, either in print or in audio-visual on the formation of consumer attitudes towards product and service offerings and or brands. The theory behind the model states that consumers form judgments and feelings as a result of exposure to an advertisement. Not only does a consumer form attitudes towards the advertisement, he or she also forms an opinion towards the brand. Source:"
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Frame of mind-to-this-advertising designs (Aad) are in reality seemed since "Any accomplished level of sensitivity to respond in the regularly favorable as well as undesirable manner for you to advertising commonly". Aad could have just about every emotive reactions, automated.Gee., offer-created sounds regarding contentment. Views of an ad's believability as well as informativeness.
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