What is the Classical probability rule?

Docsity has always been proven trustworthy as far as my experience is concern, so fellows here is another one for you, tell me about the Classical probability rule.
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" The method of assigning probabilities to outcomes or events of an experiment with equally likely outcomes."
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"Everywhere you go you peer, stochasticity are at perform, out of all techniques explained your math associated with likelihood. The particular temperatures on the air plus the whimsicality on the weather conditions most depend upon randomly collisions associated with elements. Personal computers work on the actual ideas of information concept, which can be grounded with quantifying chances. Occasion rushes ahead and ailment restores ordering due to the particular probabilistic 2nd law of thermodynamics. Noise decides many techniques from which receives true treatments inwards specialized medical tests to which staff gets the golf ball 1st at soccer games. "
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