What is the Deadlock Situation? Explain.

Can some one elaborate the Deadlock Situation?
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"There are many features that is given when creating overseas crucial limitations. Those of great interest ar Up-date along with Erase Cascade down. These types of features define what are the results on the youngster file(azines) as soon as numerous activities are carried out around the mother or father report. "
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"Here are a few explanation why your application can experience deadlocks, many of which ar about program design and style. However, there are some circumstances whenever, because of sure industrial designing decisions, you may experience deadlocks just as a result of inside systems regarding Oracle itself. "
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"Deadlock : In a multiprogramming environment, several processes may compete for a finite number of resources. A process requests resources; if the resources are not available at that time, the process enters a wait state. It may happen that waiting processes will never again change state, because the resources they have requested are held by other waiting processes. Then this is called Deadlock Situation. Source:"
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