What is the difference among the Emotions and Moods of a person?

Can you provide some of the major differences between the Consumer Behavior terms of Mood and Emotions?
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"Define (a) Emotions (b) Moods Ans 1 a) Emotions: The term “emotion” has been defined variedly and lacks a consensus on definition primarily because of its very nature. Emotions are personal states, private and subjective. A bodily state that could change differently in response to the environment, it varies within a person and across persons, and gets reflected as a psychological arousal. Thus, emotions are changes in the body state that impact psychological processes thereby resulting in expression of feelings and observable behavioral reactions. They comprise pairs of opposite states, viz. pleasantness/unpleasantness, joy/sadness, acceptance/disgust, anger/fear etc. Thus emotions can be positive or negative; they can give happiness and pleasure or unhappiness and discomfort. While some emotions are conscious and clear, others remain at the sub conscious level and are abstract. Also, emotions can be slight or intense and remain for short or ling periods of time. Moods: Moods are defined as emotional states that are less intense and short term. They are also described on a continuum as good or bad, and thus have a positive and negative valence. Like emotions, they are also triggered by noticeable and unnoticeable stimuli, be it persons, objects, situations and are specific. However, we as human beings are more aware and conscious of emotions, than we are of moods. What may put on or put off the moods may be not always be clear. Similar to emotions, moods can be inferred through our body language, gestures and behaviors. Source:"
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"Science fiction and fantasy stories transport us to a whole other world. And immersing us in a fantastical place needs more than just great world-building — it needs a sense of mood. The best speculative fiction authors are experts at conjuring the mood of a particular time or place. But what's the difference between summoning a particular mood, and bringing to life an emotional state? And how can you excel at both? I feel like most of us know the difference between mood and emotion, but it's easy to mix them up in practice. In particular, it's easy to fall into the trap of substituting mood for emotion"
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