What is the difference between FIFO queuing and WFQ queuing?

Differentiate FIFO an WGQ queing?
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"First-in-first-out (FIFO) queuing: A single queue is maintained at each output port. When a new packet arrives and is routed to an output port, it is placed at the end of the queue. As long as the queue is not empty, the router transmits packets from the queue, taking the oldest remaining packet next. Weighted fair queuing (WFQ): takes into account the amount of traffic through each queue and gives busier queues more capacity without completely shutting out less busy queues. In addition WFQ can take into account the amount of service requested by each traffic flow and adjust the queuing discipline accordingly."
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FIFO queuing This can be the introductory 1st-throughout, 1st-away queuing proficiency in which the initial package in the queue up could be the very first bundle that may be processed. As soon as lines go entire, blockage arises as well as newly arriving packets usually are fallen. FIFO relies upon stop systems to control traffic jam via over-crowding command things. "
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