What is the main objective of Scheduling?

"Can someone provide the objective function of Scheduling? "
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"Scheduling will be the managing associated with company sources to realize a good neat and uninterrupted work flow method. The essential goal involving booking is always to keep large firm output, low inventory degrees, and also high degrees of client satisfaction. Preparation necessitates the usage of some time to the setting regarding focal points in to detailed regulations. Arranging is often categorized into frontward and feebleminded arranging. "
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"Production scheduling tools greatly outperform older manual scheduling methods. These provide the production scheduler with powerful graphical interfaces which can be used to visually optimize real-time work loads in various stages of production, and pattern recognition allows the software to automatically create scheduling opportunities which might not be apparent without this view into the data. For example, an airline might wish to minimize the number of airport gates required for its aircraft, in order to reduce costs, and scheduling software can allow the planners to see how this can be done, by analyzing time tables, aircraft usage, or the flow of passengers. "
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"CPU Scheduling : CPU Scheduling is the basis of multi Programmed Operating System. By switching the CPU among the processes, the operating system can make the computer more productive. The main objective of Scheduling is to increase CPU utilization and higher throughput. Source:"
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