What is the object-oriented structure of a database?

Please define the database object-oriented structure?
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"A number of physical object-focused data source are created to work well with object-focused programming dialects for example Delphi, Crimson, Python, Perl, Java, D#, Ocular Basic .Final, Chemical++, Objective-Hundred along with Smalltalk; others have their own programming 'languages'. OODBMSs manipulation exactly the same modelling equally physical object-driven programming dialects. "
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"Any time repository functionality are generally joined with item-orientated programming language abilities, the end result is definitely an subject-focused DBMS (OODBMS). OODBMS make it possible for object-focused developers to produce the goods, shop them since physical objects, and reduplicate or perhaps qualify recent items for making unexampled items inside the OODBMS. For the reason that database is structured while using programing language, your programmer can easily keep reliability within just one atmosphere, in that both OODBMS as well as the programming language uses a similar type of portrayal. Relational DBMS projects, by means of comparison, sustain a new sharper partition involving the database product as well as the software. "
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"The object-oriented structure has the ability to handle graphics, pictures, voice and text, types of data, without difficultly unlike the other database structures. This structure is popular for multimedia Web-based applications. It was designed to work with object-oriented programming languages such as Java. The dominant model in use today is the ad hoc one embedded in SQL, despite the objections of purists who believe this model is a corruption of the relational model since it violates several fundamental principles for the sake of practicality and performance. Many DBMS's also support the Open Database Connectivity API that supports a standard way for programmers to access the DBMS. Source:"
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