What is the origin of monotheism and Jews?

"What is the beginning regarding Jews?Would we were holding Canaan individuals or maybe belong to unique indigneous group when compared with Canaan? Do that they mortally wounded all Canaan folks or maybe converted them to Judaism? Would Jews practised idolatry and so they had been furthermore polytheists inside commencing? While their particular monotheist God Yavweh another heathenish Idol? Could be the extremely concept with regard to God can be Yavveh plus it ended up being author The almighty throughout Canaan religious belief? Next the way monotheism emerged and the individuals grew to become Jews? Which seer ended up being liable for monotheism and also performed just about all prophets out(p) the idolatry or maybe Moses merely forbidden your idol worship? Do Abraham came from Iraq(Sumeria) after that Jews are outlander to be able to Israel? Forthcoming involving prophets was a false affair each vaticinator was included with new theories as well as misinform men and women(numerous things written in Non secular sms usually are lies)? Did genuinely The lord arrived at all of them as well as it is some sort of political secret to overpower citizenry? Did The several tribes along with royal families received very own simple Gods similar to flagstone and so they added it in order to conquered tribes and that's the way the powerfull group proven monotheist Judaism? Along with Christianity and also Islam evolved into branch connected with Judaism aside various other crafty(bogus) prophets? And all prophets were being mistaken via beginning? Really don't answer it with all your serious philosophy,remedy that using traditional facts.Really don't speak versus and Jews.Just point out traditional truth.."
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Your Judaism idea inside G-five hundred will be explicit in the first two from the Twenty Commandments. The initial states the facts of His getting. The second is your damaging match on the initial--the actual disclaimer associated with veneration. Devotion isn't actually too little idea inside Gary the gadget guy-deb; so, the Second Commandment begins, "You shall haven't any additional gods ahead of Us..." Somewhat, idolatry likewise contains any refusal involving G-d's unity -- his / her infrangible singularity, one and exclusiveness to be. To help impute almost any partitions as well as compartmentalizations towards divine currently being, or to believe that G-deb has any associates or perhaps intermediaries in order to The creation along with maintenance of the galaxy, is usually to offend the particular ban of veneration
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