What is the promise of molecular genetics research?

Is there anyone who could please tell me about the promise of molecular genetics research.
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"Molecular geneticists study the molecular structure and function of genes. Psychologists and molecular geneticists are cooperating to identify specific genes—or more often, teams of genes—that put people at risk for disorders."
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Despite the fact that genetics were being recognized by really exist on chromosomes, chromosomes are composed connected with both healthy proteins and also DNA and experts did not know which often of these is in charge of heritage. Throughout 1928, Frederick Griffith ascertained your sensation associated with translation (discover Griffith's research): useless microbes could possibly move familial material to help "transmute" other still-surviving microorganisms. 07 decades later on, in the mid 1940s, Oswald Theodore Avery, Colin McLeod as well as Maclyn McCarty discovered the actual atom liable for alteration equally DNA. The particular Hershey-Follow experimentation inside 1952 likewise indicated that Genetic (rather than protein) will be the innate materials of the malware in which infect germs, offering further grounds which Geonomics may be the particle to blame for inheritance.
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