What is the purpose of each of the IPv6 header types?

What is the function of IPv6 header type?

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"Hop-by-Hop Options header: Defines special options that require hop-by-hop processing. Routing header: Provides extended routing, similar to IPv4 source routing. Fragment header: Contains fragmentation and reassembly information. Authentication header: Provides packet integrity and authentication. Encapsulating Security Payload header: Provides privacy. Destination Options header: Contains optional information to be examined by the destination node."

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A good IPv6 box will be the most compact content enterprise changed via the Internet Project crosswise a world wide web Standard protocol model six (IPv6) multilevel. Packages incorporate controller info intended for dealing with and also redirecting, along with a freight including things like end user facts. This command data with IPv6 packets is actually subdivided in a obligatory preset header and suggested extendable headers. The cargo of the IPv6 bundle is normally A datagram or even segment of the greater-stage Transportation Bed communications protocol, although might be info to have an Internet Stratum (elizabeth.grams., ICMPv6) or Hyperlink Bed (elizabeth.grams., OSPF) alternatively."

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