"What is the relationship between language and thinking?"

Please help me, i want to know about the difference between language and thinking.
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Many psychiatrists really have identical ruling of which language generally plays a huge role with contemplating. Terminology decides or maybe reflects just how an individual considers, for example while some is actually talking, you can notice another person nevertheless how you feel. It is because usually as soon as which has a chat, whichever you get stating is the thing that that you are pondering.
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" waldorff: one year in the past via new iphone 4 Language skills are crucial for you to thinking. Words are methods and that we unremarkably imagine in terms. For instance, you might think that somebody acquired pneumonia. That you will find very difficult in case you did not know the saying 'pneumonia'. Indeed obtaining words and phrases to help symbolize difficult ideas enables you to take into consideration people tips in addition to create unexampled, even more sophisticated types."
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