What is the Sampling or chance error in census.

Please help me, i want to know about the, Sampling or chance error.
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" The difference between the result ob-tained from a sample survey and the result that would be obtained from the census."
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"This section looks at a number of issues one must take into account when analysing the 2002 NATSISS or when interpreting results published elsewhere. It begins with a discussion of sampling error and non-sampling error so that analysts appreciate the relevant issues when interpreting the data. The section then benchmarks data from the 2002 NATSISS to other comparable sources. The remainder of the section then looks at a number of non-sampling issues which arise when comparing data items through time, comparing data to other contemporary sources, or interpreting results from ABS publications. These issues are not necessarily all the potential pitfalls involved with analysing the data. Rather, this section uses several examples in an attempt to highlight that analysts need to be aware of the context of the survey before making conclusions based on the data. "
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