What is the source of the Swastika sign?

"exactly what does this mean?? where by it's result from? the thing that was its relative with the Aryan principle along with the NAZIs?"
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it is drived from the letter Z in ancient Turkic-Scythian- Scandinavian runic alphabet, it was also the first letter of the Scythian prophet ZOROASTER (means the perfect man. Zoroast+ AR), its considered to had been a symbole of being better and goodness, this sign was used very ferequently by Bulgar, Khazar, Scythian, Avar and all central Asian related tribes, Aryans were the ruling caste of the Scythian proto Turkic people, the word Aryan means separator medium and judge in Turkic languages, it was their duty to get among lesser clans and judge the debate, thats why the noble and elite Scythians were called as Aryans, when they reached to the northern India the local Dravidians mistook the concept of Aryan to mean noble because the noble Scythians were called as such.
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"The particular symbol carries a long heritage throughout European union achieving time for ancientness. Noticeably, following a simple surge of recognition as a all the best image in European tradition, A Hakenkreuz was adopted to be a image with the Nazi Social gathering connected with Indonesia with 1920, which applied this Hakenkreuz as being a symbolic representation on the Aryan ethnic background. "
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