What is the speed of USB 3.0?

Can some one out in the Docsity world provide the details that what is the speed of USB 3.0?

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This Universal series bus three.3 stipulation is comparable to Universal serial bus ii.2 but with numerous improvements and an alternate implementation. Previous Hardware methods including endpoints as well as four shift sorts (volume, command, isochronous and disturb) are maintained though the protocol as well as electric powered interface are wide and varied.

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Within Universal serial bus three or more.2, duple-jalopy buildings can be used to allow for both equally Universal series bus ii.3 (Total Speed, Reduced Swiftness, or even High Speed) in addition to Flash a (Ace Pace) surgical procedures to happen concurrently, as a result supplying feebleminded match-ups. Cable connections are usually such that in addition , they license forwards match ups, that is, managing Universal series bus devices on Universal serial bus two.nought jacks.

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USB 3.0 offers file transfer rates at 4.8Gbps per second. Source:

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