What is the synonym or the same meaning word for the,compensatee?

"journal a.trip b.receipt c.diary d.list"
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"edge, leeway, reparation, satisfaction, profit, advantage, loaf of bread, factor, counterclaim, insurance policy coverage, damage, defrayment, comeupance, profits, fee*, achieve, honorarium, restitution, damages, match, fork out, check, pay off, top quality, income, quittance, reciprocity, enumeration, repair, recoupment, remedy, repayment, subsidence, remittance, remuneration, repair, reprisal, requital, damages, compensate, remuneration, sodium, satisfaction, size, negotiation, shake, stipend, get*, get-home, remuneration Antonyms: damage, starvation, okay, forfeiture, reduction, charges"
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"expiate, dropped together with, spend, guerdon, indemnify, make good, pay, pay up, plank out, pony up, recompense, recoup, refund, reimburse, remunerate, repay, requite, reward, satisfy, shell out, look after, tickle the side Antonyms: deny, good, forfeited, eliminate"
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