What is the Tactical managements of an organizational?

Can you define the Tactical management of any organization?
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"From Physician practices and MSOs seeking assistance with accurate coding- the lifeblood of any practice; as well as end-to-end solutions for health plans facing the ongoing challenge of reporting the highest level of ICD specificity, we stand apart by proactively educating the providers. We help end the cycle of bad documentation which leads to increased retroactive reviews and strained provider relationships. "
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"Tactical Management Inc. (TMI) is a one-stop source for operations vital to successful Medicare Advantage health plans, Physician practices and the vendors who serve them. TMI provides turn-key and customizable services aimed at mitigating compliance exposures while realizing accurate reimbursement in the ever-changing healthcare arena. "
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"Tactical managements are termed as intermediate management.They have lower authority than strategic management.Tactical management involves making decisions about how an organization should go about achieving the overall objectives determined by strategic management.Tactical management decides what needs to be done within that year to implement the plan of strategic management. Source:"
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