What is the Trait theory of Personality?

Can someone elaborate the Trait theory of Personality? Explain in details.
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"According to the Trait theorists, an individual’s personality make-up stems out of the traits that he possesses, and the identification of traits is important. People possess specific psychological characteristics that are referred to as traits; and all those who possess a particular trait, are said to belong to a personality type. A trait is a predisposition to behave in a certain manner. In order to identify traits within individuals and differentiate amongst themselves, the trait theorists rely on personality tests, scales and inventories. Hence, they assume some kind of a quantitative orientation unlike the Freudian, and Neo-Freudian schools. Once they have identified the traits, they classify individuals into groups of people on the basis of the pattern of traits that they possess. The trait theories can be of two broad categories, viz., simple trait theories and general trait theories. While i) Simple trait theories: A limited number of traits are identified, and people are identified and classified on the basis of these traits. ii) General trait theories: A large variety of traits are identified. An Assessment of the Theory: Unlike the Freudian and the Neo-Freudian theories, the Trait Theories possess a degree of quantification while classifying individuals into personality types. Through the application of tests and scales, people are objectively assessed for presence/absence of personality traits and accordingly classified into personality types. Thus, unlike the previous theories, the Trait approach seems to be a more realistic and objective approach. However, the limitation lies in the fact that sometimes traits tend to be indefinable, vague and indescribable; nevertheless the personality tests are widely used. Source:"
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Inwards mindsets, feature idea is an way of the study of human being character. Attribute advocates ar largely thinking about the actual description regarding features, and this can be thought as continual behaviour regarding behaviour, considered, as well as feeling.
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