What is the true meaning of the word swastika?

It used to indicate anniversary along with luck, at this point a few claim this means your own some sort of Nazi. So, is there a tangible substance at this point?
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"In Sanskrit 'Swasti' means feel good, of healthy disposition and all that is auspicious. Sawstika is the 'Symbol' for it. In almost all Hindu homes where there is an alcove for daily prayer, this symbol is marked above (the entrance) & where the deity (idol) is seated, with vermilion. In verbal invocations by a priest also it starts with 'Swasti'. ""Swasti Sree Chandramana..."" means ""Auspicious, divine and as per the Lunar calender...."" & so on. It is the most common practice. I am not aware of this being done in any other culture. It is mind-boggling as to how, distant Germans got hold of this symbol, re-interpreted it as if they owned it from many millennia (as Indians do)."
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"This symbolization has a prolonged history inside The european countries achieving back to antiquity. "
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