What is the use of the Third quartile?

Mates! i had a bet with my friend, he said that i could not answer that question, I know I couldn't but docsity can :p What is Third quartile?
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Throughout epidemiology, sociology as well as money, your quartiles of an population are some subpopulations defined by classifying men and women in line with regardless of if the value anxious is catagorized in to on the list of iv runs defined by the 3 ideals talked about supra. Therefore someone object may very well be identified as getting "inside upper quartile".
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"The initial quartile (otherwise known as the low quartile) would be the amount beneath that is situated the actual 25 percent in the bottom part facts. Your second quartile (the particular mean) divides the product range in the centre and has 1 / 2 on the facts beneath the item. The next quartile (also called the top quartile) features 75 percent in the facts underneath the idea along with the circus tent 25 percent of the info supra that. View also interquartile selection and also percentile. "
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