What is Trace-ability?

Define the term trace-ability in context of Software engineering.
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–Trace-ability is concerned with the relationships between requirements, their sources and the system design–Source trace-ability•Links from requirements to stakeholders who proposed these requirements–Requirements trace-ability•Links between dependent requirements–Design trace-ability•Links from the requirements to the design. Source:http://en.docsity.com/en-docs/Requirements_Engineering_Process-Softwarre_Engineering-Lecture_Slides_
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"The term “traceability” as soon as utilized in the actual context involving measurement, which includes temperature measuring, is called ""metrological traceability."" Metrological traceability identifies that the thermometer’ersus rating could be related to declared personal references, commonly nation's or even global criteria, via an unplowed string of side by side somparisons just about all possessing stated worries. Once we operate the concept “traceability” in this particular document, we're going to often suggest “metrological traceability.” "
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