What is vertical mobility?

Distinguish vertical mobilty.

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If a great shift occurs in the position of any individual and this shift is quite prominent and visible in society is vertical mobility. e.g. As on of a poor farmer of remote village joint military after basic education can reach to the post of Military General is, Vertical Mobility. Source:http://us.docsity.com/en-docs/Introduction_to_Sociology_Social_mobility-Lecture_Slides-Sociology-Barbara_A_Anderson

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"...A case in point will be a individual that goes from the managerial location in a single business to your similar location with an additional. In the event, nevertheless, your transfer requires a change in social class, it is referred to as “directory flexibility” in addition to requires both “in place mobility” or even “downwards ability to move.” The professional staff member that gets to be A flush man of affairs techniques upwardly in the type technique;... "

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