What kind of theft am i charged with?

I will be a fifteen yr old i have ripped off a great apple iphone 4, simply because internet marketing consequently silly, i really actually regret executing it i will ne'er try this over again here is the very first time i've ever compromised, and feel wondering which type or course theft is tbis for the small? I will be actually nervouse and also terrified, what can i expect after i go to courtroom? So what can i actually do? What are the potential things i will likely be arrested for? I'm consequently stressed i will be a major simpleton if only when i realized just how dangerous it was, will this kind of be on my own record once and for all, as well as could it be earased? Please help delight???
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It depends where you live..... IT will just be theft of a cellular devise .... since you are so young they will take pity on you and give you a misdemeanor charge, and will give you probably community service or house arrest ... They probably wont put it on your record..... jsut show them how sorry you are.... they take senserity
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This kind of response will not check specific legal advice. If you need unique legal advice, you need to contact a legal professional. If you cannot yield legal counsel, the judge may appoint you actually a single on the public's purchase. You are assumed simple until finally proven guilty over and above a good dubiousness
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