What led to many of the railroads lines coming under the ownership of only a few businessmen?

"Any) The cost-effective rate of growth from the eighties urged quite a few affluent business owners to buy huge amounts of stock options inside the railway line businesses. M) The costa rica government afforded special land scholarships and other tax assistance to the wealthiest traders. D) The economic depressions of the eighties guided a lot of railway line businesses to merge. D) The particular depressions on the eighties triggered red protests making littler railway organizations to close. At the) Tornados damaged a lot of the rivals’ outlines in the 1880s along with 1890s."
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Anthony It all comes down to money. Money brings power and Control
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"Canadian Nation's Railways was born beyond equally wartime and domestic urgency. Railways, till the rise in the personalized auto along with coming of citizen-funded almost all-weather condition roadways, were being the sole executable extended-range area transport accessible in Canada for countless years. "
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