What do you mean by “antecedent factors” and “moderating factors” in involvement?

Explain the involvement of a Consumer factors called as Antecedent and Moderating Factors. What is the difference between them.
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"A mechanism underlies the very process of involvement. As a process, involvement is impacted by certain “antecedents” that get restrained by “moderating factors.” Antecedent factors are certain factors that precede and lead to involvement; these include the person himself and the individual determinants; the object, stimuli or the product/service offering; and, the purchase situation. Moderating factors are factors that can restrain the impact of antecedents so as to impact the level of involvement include the opportunity available to the person to collect and collate facts and information, the cognitive ability to process information and draw conclusions, and the time available in hand. Source:"
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"""Moderating components usually are variables which could trammel your result involving antecedents so that you can impact how much guidance include the option available to the individual to gather and also look at truth in addition to details, your intellectual capacity to practice data in addition to haul results, plus the period easily obtainable in hand."" "
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