What is a Mood of a person. Explain in the lights of Consumer Behavior Subject?

Can some one explain the details of a Person's Mood. What is important factor in the mood of a person.
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"Moods: Moods are defined as emotional states that are less intense and short term. They are also described on a continuum as good or bad, and thus have a positive and negative valence. Like emotions, they are also triggered by noticeable and unnoticeable stimuli, be it persons, objects, situations and are specific. However, we as human beings are more aware and conscious of emotions, than we are of moods. What may put on or put off the moods may be not always be clear. Similar to emotions, moods can be inferred through our body language, gestures and behaviors. Source:"
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"Any feeling is an spirit. Moods change from feelings in that they're a lesser amount of certain, lower, and fewer probably be activated by a specific government or occasion. Moods normally get the positive or negative valence. Put simply, citizenry normally discuss about it being in a fantastic feeling or possibly a bad temper. "
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