"What is positioning? How can a marketer position his product or service offering?"

"Explain the concept of Positioning? Also elaborate the method by using which a marketer position his product or service offering? "
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"Positioning is the act of designing the product and service offering of a company in the minds of the customer’s so that: (i) the consumer can relate the product and service offering to a need or want; (ii) the marketer can create a distinctive image of himself. (iii) the consumer can perceive a brand’s characteristics relative to those of competitive offerings. It is process of creating an image of the product and service offering in the minds of the consumer. As a strategy, positioning can be based on: i) on perceived benefits, characteristics or image. ii) on competition iii) on a combination of both (i) and (ii). The product positioning may be done on various bases: i) Product Attributes: LG Golden Eye: Auto contrast and Brightness control ii) Benefits, Problem Solutions & Basic Needs: Pepsodent (decay prevention), Close-Up (Fresh breath) iii) Quality: Sony iv) Product User: Parker (Amitabh Bachchan), Reid and Taylor (Executive/ Lifestyle) v) Product Usage: Burnol vi) Specific use: Greeting cards for every occasion vii) Services: Maruti Service Station all over India viii) Price: Subhikha: Isse sasta aur nahi??? ix) Distribution: Dell (direct selling: customization) x) Against Other Products (Competitors): Savlon vs Dettol; Savlon jalta nahin. Source:"
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