What pre world war II air power advocate got the most correct?

Between World War I and World War II there are a great deal of textbooks that expected an essential battle may very well be gained by means of Aviation. That you would imagine seemed to be the closest to world as well as who do you think that bought the most incorrect?
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"Billy Mitchell in USA got most right. However,it should be pointed out that all pre WW2 advocates of airpower overestimated its overall efficacy.Both Germany and Japan survived for over 2 years,fighting hard and often effectively,despite Allied air supremacy. Furthest from the mark amongst the interwar air power theorists was the Italian general Giulio Douhet.British and US attempts to prove his theories on strategic bombing true during WW2 proved a failure until the use of nuclear bombs against Japan - a weapon that Douhet could not have foreseen."
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nightstick michell andThe Usa N-20 Mitchell seemed to be an American two-engined medium bomber produced by simply North American Aviation. It was used by lots of Confederative air flow allows, in each and every cinema connected with Wwii, as well as a great many other fresh air causes following struggle complete, as well as noticed services across 40 years.
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