What is the recommended power source+voltage requirements for 1 mm spark gap?

"The power supplier needs to be rechargeable, as well as transportable, and as as minute as feasible having various makes use of in between costs. Take into account that this specific spark difference are going to be designed to mild a fireplace within propane, significantly thus like a barbecue brighter."
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"It is too bad that ""Model T"" spark coils are no longer available. I have used them many years ago to make sparks. Just that, a 6-volt lantern battery and a switch or push button made a package about 6-8 inches cubed. Now an easy way would be to use an automotive spark coil, (ignition coil), and a couple of lantern batteries. That would do the trick very nicely. Watch out for that high voltage, It WILL bite, and CAN KILL YOU IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFUL! The voltage produced will be around 12,000 or 15,000 volts but very little current. Another option would be to use a transistorized oscillator and a high-voltage transformer. This would do the same thing, but could be made smaller and lighter than the ignition coil and batteries mentioned above. It could probably be built for around $20-30."
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