"What are sensation and perception? What do we mean by bottom-up processing and top-down processing?"

Is there anyone who could please tell me about sensation and perception and also explain the meaning of bottom up processing and top down processing.
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Some sort of freighter-way up approaching would be the piecing with each other involving techniques to offer go up in order to grander devices, as a result generating the main techniques bass speaker-methods from the emerging system. Bottom level-in place running is a form of informatics determined by incoming data in the natural environment to form a belief. Selective information gets into the particular eyes in one direction (insight), and it is then converted into a picture by the brain which might be construed & accepted as a notion (result). In the bottom level-in place approach anyone foundation aspects of the system are usually initial per good depth.
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"With therapy, feeling along with belief are generally phases connected with digesting in the feels inwards man and pet systems, for example imagination, auditive, vestibular, and ache feelings. Most of these topics are thought part of mindset, but not general anatomy or perhaps physiology, mainly because techniques from the head thus greatly affect the particular conception of any stimulus. In particular matter could be the analyze connected with illusions for instance movement aftereffect, color constancy, auditive illusions, and degree perception. "
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