What services are provided by the SSL Record Protocol?

Describe some SSL Record Protocol services?
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"Confidentiality: The Handshake Protocol defines a shared secret key that is used for conventional encryption of SSL payloads. Message Integrity: The Handshake Protocol also defines a shared secret key that is used to form a message authentication code (MAC)."
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The particular TCP/Internet Standard protocol (TCP/Internet protocol) governs your transport as well as course-plotting of web data on the internet. Other methods, such as the HyperText Carry Method (HTTP), Lightweight Directory site Access Standard protocol (LDAP), as well as Cyberspace Messaging Accessibility Communications protocol (IMAP), run ""in addition to"" TCP/Internet protocol within the sense them to just about all make use of TCP/Internet protocol to guide typical application jobs for example displaying website pages or perhaps working netmail hosts. "
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