What should be the routing protocol capable of?

What protocaol must be set that should have a relevent capacity with routing?
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The routing protocol must be capable of finding new routes quickly. Source:http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Mobile_Computing_-_Wireless_Mobile_Clustering_-_Anurag_Malik
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" This Vibrant Resource Redirecting project (DSR) is an easy along with useful redirecting method created specifically for utilization in multi-go wifi ad hoc sites regarding mobile phone nodes. DSR permits the actual system for being fully ego-organizing in addition to self-establishing, with no need for virtually every current circle facilities as well as government. The particular communications protocol consists of both principal mechanisms regarding ""Course Discovery"" and ""Road Care"", which work together to permit nodes to find out and look after routes for you to irrelavent places inside the random multilevel"
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