What side was with the Nazi's? France of Vichy or the occupied zone?

I read about it, yet One really didn't find have been unhealthy fellas?
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"It depends what you mean by ""with."" The occupied zone were 'with' the Nazis against their will. Vichy were collaborators with the Nazis."
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"The current inflamed feedback produced by Presidential dislike-monger Linda McAleese has taken in order to open public attention the challenge involving Nazism as well as anti--Semitism. As being the human race quit to not forget your Nazi genocide 59 decades on in the Confederate release of Auschwitz, it is meet when we all recall the allegiances involving the residents along with federal government involving just what the fact that was the Irish Free Express, including their own nearly all significant entrance - Sinn Fein/Anger; and stop-Semitism/National Socialism. "
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