What is the One-sided versus two-sided messages issue for the marketers?

Please provide the details of the One-sided and two-sided messaging for the marketers?
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"One-sided versus two-sided messages: Another issue that a marketer needs to take a decision on, is whether the message should be one-sided, and tell the target audience only about the pros, or it should be two-sided, and tell the audience about both the pros and cons. In other words, the marketer needs to assess whether he should be totally open about his product/service offering, or he should restrain himself, and talk only about the advantages of using the product/service offering, thus, ignoring the disadvantages. This would depend on the nature of the audience. Research has indicated that if the segment(s) comprises people who are positive in nature, optimistic, friendly and loyal to the advertiser’s product/service offerings and the message, then a one-sided (supportive) message that stresses only the pros or the favorable information would be most effective. On the other hand, if the target audience is pessimistic in nature, critical, unfriendly, and disloyal (switcher), to the advertiser’s product/service offerings and the message, then a two-sided (refutational) message would be more effective. Source:"
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"Persuasive communicating of which presents 2 perspectives then offers quarrels in order to table your opponent see; generally known as 2-on the sides appealingness. "
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