What is the big problem of distributed, loosely coupled systems?

Tell me about the probleum of distributed, loosely coupled systems.
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THE big problem of distributed, loosely coupled systems are: •are all views on data the same?•how and when should changes be propagated to what users? . Source:
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Throughout computer science, unaffixed conjugation (or even freely bundled) is a kind of coupling that will describes how numerous computers, possibly people employing uncongenial technologies, may be became a member of in concert with regard to transactions, irrespective of components, software package and also other useful components. Generally combined programs identify people who work a substitution relationship where by minuscule suggestions should be used by every one of the more techniques. In the freely combined technique computer hardware in addition to software may well socialize however are non based upon 1 another to function. Pcs within a net are considered unaffixed-combined systems like a node unit may perhaps ask for information from your hosting server, but the a couple of methods also get treatment severally of each other. "
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