What is the difference between the Random and Nonrandom Samples?

I have a major quiz tomorrow. Following topic is included.Random and Nonrandom Samples.
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" A random sampleis a sample drawn in such a way that each member of the population has some chance of being selected in the sample. In a nonrandom sam-ple, some members of the population may not have any chance of being selected in the sample."
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"A simple randomly sample is usually a specific form of randomly trial. A new random taste makes use of randomization to pick your own taste. You can do in many approaches. An easy randomly trial is actually similar deciding on titles from your loath. Each and every issue from the populace comes with a every bit as probably probability of finding myself your small sample, and every achievable sample comes with an similarly very likely prospects for becoming decided on.. Other doable ways to create a arbitrary sample are usually step-by-step testing (where you at random purchase a terminus a quo, and pick every nth subject matter), clump testing (wherever themes usually are separated directly into groupings, so each of the subjects in a random sample distribution of groups tend to be make the trial), in addition to proportional sampling (in which subjects usually are put into strata, after which it any random test is definitely removed from every strata). "
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