What is the method of getting information known as Internal Source?

Hi Everyone! I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. Provide the description of Internal Source of Information in details.
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"The technique of external and internal details places seems very intricate, but in precise simple fact it's not at all hard. Internal sources of information tend to be whatever come from info as well as data in which are supposed to be professionally for the business or organization mired. Outer resources are generally basically the paired. This can be info which is collated through options that may stop immediately connected to the dealings of your companion or people making use of it."
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"Internal sources: This includes the consumer and his self; recall information in his memory (comprising information gathered and stored, as well as his experiences, direct and indirect); Internal sources seem sufficient when: - it is a routine purchase - the product is of low involvementSource: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Consumer_Decision_Making_Process_-_Consumer_Behavior_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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