"What are three environmental factors that affect photosynthesis? "

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"Three factors can limit the speed of photosynthesis: light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration and temperature. Light intensity Without enough light, a plant cannot photosynthesise very quickly, even if there is plenty of water and carbon dioxide. Increasing the light intensity will boost the speed of photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide concentration Sometimes photosynthesis is limited by the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Even if there is plenty of light, a plant cannot photosynthesise if there is insufficient carbon dioxide. Temperature If it gets too cold, the rate of photosynthesis will decrease. Plants cannot photosynthesise if it gets too hot. If you plot the rate of photosynthesis against the levels of these three limiting factors, you get graphs like the ones above. In practice, any one of these factors could limit the rate of photosynthesis."
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"Carbon dioxide is a crucial take into account photosynthesis. Basically, CO2 is actually synthesised jointly normal water in addition to air flow elements while using the sun's muscularity to produce each oxygen as well as glucose. Glucose is definitely farther changed into additional pieces such as body fat, amylum, enzymes, protein along with Geonomics/RNA. These elements are essential for you to entire composition with the flora and its success. "
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