What type of furniture did they have in the Middle Ages?

I am doing a small school project on Medieval Times, and I know pretty much everything now, besides one thing. I have done plenty of research, but I just can't find any answers. I am trying to figure out what their houses looked like in the inside. Like, did they ever have two story houses? What type of furniture did they have? Like couches, table, chairs, etc. I would greatly appreciate any answers. Thank you.
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"The Middle Ages covers a thousand years' worth of history in different countries all across Europe. It's very hard to generalize about much across the entire medieval period. Yes, they had two-story houses, particularly in towns. Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany still largely has its medieval character (the most recent buildings there are somewhat post-medieval, but only date from the 17th century). As for your main question - medieval houses generally didn't use as much furniture as modern ones. Typically only the master and mistress of the house would have a bed. Children and servants would grab a straw pallet and woolen blanket (if they were lucky) and bed down on the floor wherever they could find a spot. Likewise, in a given room usually only the ranking lord present (or king) would have a seat; everyone else would stand in their presence. Books were most often kept in chests rather than on display on shelves, though a monastery would have a scriptorium with writing desks for scribes to use. In fact, most clothing and such would go in chests. At a meal, in a great hall for instance, though, you would have basic long tables with benches for people to sit at and eat. When the meal was over you could stack them up against the walls to give people room to sleep."
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"“What type of pieces of furniture do they've already in the Middle A long time?” In essence their own furniture was like that of our own ahead of time colonial instances within the easterly frontier. Almost all of it had been pine. Everything apart from exclusive objects with the loaded has been very plain yet functional. A flat panel in the centre Age range needed to be sometimes divide and smoothed or perhaps hewn through an axe and smoothed or carefully reduce with a opening found and also smoothened. Our place is the fact completing this oak so much that persons didn’t receive slivers was obviously a great deal of perform. "
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