What type of things did women do during WW1?

Why had been this work important?
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"Worked in factories so men could enlist as given. Many women actually served as Nurses in most countries involved in the war; some winning medals for bravery, others losing their lives in hospital ship sinkings and such things - serving not only on the home front but putting themselves in harms way overseas. ""A total of 3,141 Nursing Sisters served in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps and 2,504 of those served overseas in England, France and the Eastern Mediterranean at Gallipoli, Alexandria and Salonika. By the end of the First World War, approximately 45 Nursing Sisters had given their lives, dying from enemy attacks including the bombing of a hospital and the sinking of a hospital ship, or from disease.""… ""When the US entered World War I the Army had a total of 4093 active duty nurses. By the end of the war, 21,480 women served in the Army Nurses Corps rendering service “beyond expectations” at a time when women were not even allowed to vote. Over 10,000 of these nurses were deployed overseas during the war.""… The reason the work is important speaks for itself, medical help for the wounded and ill. Some of the best spies were women, for obvious reasons. ""Women spies had a important job to persuade men in high ranking positions to get information, for there country. Taking the risk of being caught and killed they would spend time with the enemies to try to get useful knowledgeable facts. With the information that they had they could kill many men. In order to get the information back to there country they would have to cross the border secretly One of the most famous women spies is Mata Hari whose real name was Margaretha Geertruida who was working for the Germans. She was persuasive towards many high ranking military officers. She was captured, arrested, put on trial and found guilty .Then she was executed by French soldiers."""
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"ladies do numerous things throughout ww1. "
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