What was Czar Nicholas II dynasty?

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He was the last Russian ruler of the Romanov dynasty.
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"Nicholas 2 (Ruskies: Николай The second, Николай Александрович Романов, tr. Nikolay 2, Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov [inʲɪeɐˈlaj feetɐˈroj, inʲɪnited kingdomɐˈlaj ətʲɪnited kingdomˈsandrəsixth is vʲɪbig tɕ urɐˈmanəF]) (20 May possibly [I.Utes. six May well] 1868 – 18 This summer 1918) was the past Emperor butterfly involving Spain, Great Fight it out of Finland, and also titular King connected with Poland. His / her established shortsighted title had been Nicholas Two, Saturnia pavonia in addition to Despot of all the so-called Russias] and the man is called Paragon Nicholas the particular Love-Bearer because of the European Orthodox Community center. He's got usually been referred to as Saint Nicholas the Sufferer. Nicholas II led from 1894 until eventually their abdication on only two Marching 1917] His dominate noticed Royal Paris change from getting one of many principal good forces on the planet for you to economic in addition to military services failure. Opponents nicknamed him or her Damn Nicholas due to the Khodynka Misfortune, this stop-Semitic pogroms, Bloody Saturday, the crimson stifling associated with 1905 Wave, their delivery involving political competitors[commendation desired], with the exceptional pursuit of military activities on the so far unrivaled plate."
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