What was Czar Nicholas II major accomplishment?

please we need this specific pertaining to human race account
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It all depends what you mean by accomplishment. In my opinion, the Hague Peace Conference stands out because it set forth the rules for war. In foreign relations, Nicholas followed policies of his father, strengthening the Franco-Russian Alliance and pursuing a policy of general European pacification, which culminated in the famous Hague peace conference. This conference, suggested and promoted by Nicholas II, was convened with the view of terminating the arms race, and setting up machinery for the peaceful settlement of international disputes. The results of the conference were less than expected, because of the mutual distrust existing between great powers. Still, the Hague conventions were among the first formal statements of the laws of war. In 1901 Nicholas II (and the famous Russian diplomat Friedrich Martens) were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize – for the initiative to convene the Hague Peace Conference and contribute to its implementation. However, he did not win the Nobel Peace prize.
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"Nicholas seemed to be informed at home and interpret a unique lifetime of classes involving 1885 and the nineteenth century. "
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