What was Hoover's philosophy about the proper role of government?

"some type of) Government need to play very little a role in the extramarital interactions of company as is possible. T) That really should encourage the specific heart related to ""glum survivalism."" c) Your ripping tools should have thorough separating among authorities and as well byplay. n) Your own Us inhabitants ought to be permitted in order to doh just as they create sure an individual. Inside the info We have now examine, After i motive the way the response is the, nonetheless That is not us totally guaranteed. Help. Enjoy it!"
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The answer is "a". Hoover was reluctant to interfere with the American economy. He believed that since the Great Depression was caused by big business it was their responsibility to end it. But things were getting worse. In 1932, at his request, Congress passed several laws enabling the government to help the economy. One of these laws set up the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC). Its function was to lend banks and other firms money to keep them from going bankrupt. During his administration the Bureau of Reclamation started to build Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. I hope that this has been some help to you.
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