What was the Burgundian law about the bite of a dog?

I was reading an article over internet and it had a question that What was the Burgundian law about the bite of a dog?
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According to Burgundian law if someone is died by the bite of the dog then the relatives of victim had the right to kill the owner of that dog. Source: http://us.docsity.com/en-video/Barbarian_Kingdoms__Intellectual_Life_after_the_Fall_of_Rome_-_The_History_of_European_Early_Middle_Ages_-_Paul_Freedman_-_Lecture_7_of_22
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Your Burgundians (Latina: Burgundiōnes; Previous(a) Norse: Burgundar; Aged The english language: Burgendas; Ancient greek language: Βούργουνδοι) had been a Eastern Germanic indigneous group which can include emigrated via landmass Scandinavia towards the tropical isle of Bornholm, in whose previous form in Previous(a) Norse placid ended up being Burgundarholmr (the city in the Burgundians), as well as from edinburgh to help where you live now The european union.
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