What was the cause of the battle of Stalingrad?

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General von Kleist 1st Panzer Army reached Maikop and Army Group B left flank was vulnerable from attack from the Voronezh area, The German VI Army was diverted towards Stalingrad in order to protect the extended German flank . This in essence is what brought about the Battle of Stalingrad . Hitler lost sight of the reason for the battle and became obsessed over the city . Stalingrad had become an obsession its occupation overriding all military sense. it was Hitler`s orders that prevailed over military expedience.
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"The actual Combat of Stalingrad occurred in between This summer 17, 1942 and January only two, 1943, over the Subsequent Earth Struggle. Stalingrad seemed to be often known as Tsaritsyn until finally 1925 possesses also been generally known as Volgograd because 1961. "
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