What wood would you use to build a boomilever?

Hi Everyone! When i couldn't survive disturbing merely this specific looks significantly earlier mentioned our competence.
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"Depends on how much weight you want it to hold. I've built them out of paper, cardboard, bamboo skewers, balsa wood, pine, plastic, paper clips, steel rods.... just about anything can be adapted to work."
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"A Boomilever is a device built to hold a specified weight a given distance from a vertical surface. Rules include a maximum vertical height for the device, how far the device must hold the weight from the vertical surface, the max weight, and the mode of attaching the device to the wall. It falls into the same category of building events as Elevated Bridge and Tower. 2012-13 Construction Parameters: Constructed only of wood and bonded by glue No limits in the cross-sections of wood pieces used Attachment to testing wall by attachment base and 3 bolts Distance between left and right bolts: 20 cm Distance of center of loading block from wall: 40-45 cm Maximum vertical distance between mounting holes and loading block: 25 cm Maximum vertical distance between attachment base and points of contact on the wall: 20 cm (Div. B) or 15 cm (Div. C)"
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