What year did the Allies defeat Germany in WW2? And what year did the Cold War begin?

Hello All people! One couldn't survive pestering however this would seem far supra my own caliber.
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"Germany surrendered German forces in Berlin surrender: The Battle of Berlin ended on May 2. On May 2, 1945 Colonel General Alfred Jodl of the German army entered Allied headquarters. There he signed the terms of unconditional surrender. The world celebrated May 8, 1945 as V-E Day. The day when the world was free of the dangers of the Nazis. the cold war started 1930 before McCarthyism and reds Under the Beds The historical period that came to be known as the McCarthy era began well before Joseph McCarthy's own involvement in it. Many factors contributed to McCarthyism, some of them extending back to the years of the First Red Scare (1917–20), inspired by Communism's emergence as a recognized political force. Thanks in part to its success in organizing labor unions and its early opposition to fascism, the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) increased its membership through the 1930s, reaching a peak of about 75,000 members in 1940–41. While the United States was engaged in World War II and allied with the Soviet Union, the issue of anti-communism was largely muted. With the end of World War II, the Cold War began almost immediately, as the Soviet Union installed repressive Communist puppet régimes across Central and Eastern Europe, while the United States backed repressive right-wing forces in Greece and China."
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I'd personally debate that your Cold Conflict would be a organic results of World war 2. Within World war ii you have about three major avid gamers; i.e.. Generous Commonwealth (All of us, British, The us, Asutralia, et aliae.), Fascism (Indonesia, France, Asia and Spain) as well as Communism (Soviet Union). At the end in the conflict, simply Large-minded Commonwealth in addition to Communism continued to be (Franco's The country not big enough being of 'planetary' import),
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