What do you think is the best way to study for Western Civilization midterms?

I would also been basically thinking, because of the fact For just a nice having issues inside Developed Civ, i would like to always be an immensely entire degree around the midterm
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"Review past exams. What kind of questions were there? Essay? One-word identifications? How could you have known the questions that were asked from your lecture notes? Go over your lecture notes from beginning till now. Think of essay questions that could be asked. Practice writing essays to answer these questions. Read and reread your essays. When the midterm comes, look at the essay questions. Think of how you could cobble together one or more of the essays you already wrote so that you get answers to the present essay questions. The same for one-word identifications. Remember to give only one-sentence answers. You can't afford to lose time getting sidetracked on one long answer."
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