What do you understand from the term compression reinforcement?

Hi everyone! So, basically I am doing my bachelors and I have been assigned to deliver an assignment lecture at my university. I could use all the relevant information on this subject and would like all of you to respond to my queries as soon as possible. This doesn’t require any sort of degree, it’s just general knowledge so feel free to give it a try! 
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The operation of transferring allows according to the particular Ideal Notion for you to any kind of expanse at an increased risk within just and also past the actual Alliance's Part of Responsibleness in order to tone armed forces abilities as an approach involving conflict prevention, dilemma administration or perhaps defensive measure
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"It includes - Double reinforcement - Negative bending - Two compression forces Source : http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Beams_and_Slabs_-_Elements_of_Architectural_Structures_-_Lecture_Slides_"
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