What's the oldest continuing state in the world?

"Not the oldest nations but governing states. Like the current Chinese and Japanese states for example, have only been around since 1949 and 1947 respectively, despite the fact that their nations have been around far far longer. What's the oldest continuing state in that context?"
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San Marino is right up there, but I don't have a reference at hand to give you hard facts.
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"By simply quite a few balances, San Marino, on the list of world's littlest places, would be the world's most ancient nation. San Marino, which can be wholly flanked by Italia, was launched with September several throughout the year 301 CE. San Marino's structure will be the planet's oldest, being 1st designed in the entire year 1600. In spite of San Marino's founding in 301, it was not accepted as separate before calendar year 1631 with the Holy Father. "
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